Online Keno Guide 2020

Keno is an interesting game to play. But before now, you can only find the game at landbased casinos or keno rooms. You may need to travel between cities before you can find a casino that offers keno. However, online gambling has advanced and you can now play keno on your mobile and desktop device without leaving the comfort of your home. Throughout this guide, we'll put you through how to play online keno. Visit to find some of the best online casinos that offer keno games.

The Objective of Keno

Keno is not so different from lotteries and bingo games. Their gameplay is somewhat similar. The objective is to predict numbers and hope that those numbers will come out as the winning numbers. When you launch an online keno game to play, you will see the keno ticket on the screen of the game. A standard keno ticket has numbers 1 to 80 arranged in a row and column fashion. However, there are other variations of keno games that have as much as 120 numbers on the ticket.

To predict numbers the winning numbers, you need to mark the numbers on the ticket. Just hover your mouse to the desired numbers you want to choose and click it. You will see the numbers turn active. If you want to change your selection, simply click on the number again to deselect it. For most online versions of keno, the amount of numbers you can select is usually 10. But some online casinos feature versions of keno where you will be allowed to select as much as 10 numbers.

The Rules of Keno

The rules of keno are simple. You need to choose the numbers before the raffle round begins. Once the raffle round has started, you cannot choose any more numbers or deselect an already selected number. In some versions of keno, there is a minimum amount of numbers you can select. For example, a keno version may require that you select a minimum of 3 numbers on the keno ticket. You can check the rules that apply to a keno game by clicking on the help or information menu of the game.

The basic gameplay of keno is the same no matter the version you are playing. In the land-based version of the game, you need to buy a ticket before you can play. The price of the keno ticket is usually specified by the house and you need to pay cash for it. In online keno, however, you don't need to start buying keno cards as it is presented automatically. Once you proceed to select your preferred numbers and hit the play button, the price of the ticket will be deducted from your bankroll.

Learn Keno for Free

One of the good things about online casino gaming is that it is possible for players to play different kinds of games for free. We recommend that you should play the free version of the game to learn how it works. You can check out some of our suggested sites such as Casumo Casino, Play Frank Casino and Play OJO Casino that offer keno games in free mode. Players should have it in mind, however, that they cannot win any real money playing online keno for free.

Keno is a game of chance, which means that you don't need to have any skill to play it. Besides that, it also means that there is little you can do to influence your chances of winning in the game. Nevertheless, there are a few tips worth trying out which can give you a slight advantage. Most top keno players often pay a single round of keno game with multiple cards. They'll be able to select more numbers overall, and increase the possibility of selecting the winning numbers.


Summary and Final Verdict

Throughout this entire article, we've explained how to play online keno as well as the different rules to consider. Remember that online keno comes in several variations, so always check the information of the game to know the particular rules that apply to it. Additionally, we've recommended playing free keno games as a means to practice and get familiar with the game. By the time you learn how the game works and want to play the real money versions, make sure that you choose the best keno casinos online.